New webinars to help you get the most out of ParentPaperwork

Part of my role at ParentPaperwork is supporting our existing customers to experience the best value possible from the ParentPaperwork platform. Often schools will purchase ParentPaperwork with a particular goal in mind, but then overtime they come to appreciate that the platform can assist the school in so many more ways.

My experience includes 25 years in leadership roles, including Deputy Principal in a leading Melbourne independent school, and now as part of the ParentPaperwork team this has placed me in a unique position to understand how schools can maximise the benefits across the whole school’s operations using ParentPaperwork.

With many of our schools now having used ParentPaperwork for over 12 months and mastered their basic needs, the major questions that we are now fielding from everyone one … “Is this the best way to do what I need to be doing?”, “so what else can I do with the program?” and “what are all these new features I can see in the program?”

Schools are busy places and we understand fully that keeping up to date with improvement and new features is not easy. Time to explore is precious. This means that many of us, me included, cling onto the ways that we learnt to do things the first time.

With the assistance of many of our partner schools we have been  adding new modules and features to the suite of ParentPaperwork fairly consistently. All the new feature give you GREATER ABILITY/FACILITY, and SHORT CUTS to help you work more effectively.

We are introducing a weekly webinar starting in May, each will run for 45 minutes and cover a particular topic. We’ll be publishing dates and times soon so please look for our newsletter in your inbox or follow us on Twitter – @parentpaperwork.

The webinars will focus on:

  • Maximising the use and therefore the benefits of using ParentPaperwork
  • Increasing  your staff time savings, even more
  • Teaching you about more features in ParentPaperwork
  • Reconfirming that   your current process for sending a Slip is the best way to do it.

We will cover information for expert users, but mostly  the sessions will be for everyday users and administrators who want to reaffirm their processes, or knowledge of the ParentPaperwork program.

If you have a topic or question you want answered or included in the webinar series please email me at

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from ParentPaperwork

The team at ParentPaperwork wish all of our schools, customers, partners, affiliates, friends and colleagues a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We’re sure you are all glad to be finishing up your year – however successful the past twelve months there’s no doubt a little rest and relaxation is welcome.

It’s certainly been a huge year for all of us at ParentPaperwork, we started 2015 as a barely-known little startup with a couple of school customers in Australia, and now are relied upon for fast, safe and secure online forms and data capture by schools in seven countries including the USA, UK, and Canada. We’re incredibly proud of our team, supporters and investors who have all made amazing contributions to making this success possible. To all of them, a very special ‘thank you’.

For our schools in our home country of Australia please enjoy your long summer holiday – it’s not such a bad idea having Christmas in Summer, although those of us in cities like Melbourne that are currently enjoying a run of 40 degree Celsius days (that’s 104 for those in Fahrenheit) the idea of snow seems a fantasy! Doesn’t prevent plenty of people in Santa costumes strolling the streets, just hope they have the light-weight versions on!

Our schools in other parts of the world will be back early January, so we trust you do have time for a break and time with family and friends.

The ParentPaperwork office will be technically closed from 25 December, re-opening Monday 4 January 2016. However, we are never really on holiday, we’ll be checking emails and requests for support throughout and will respond as quickly as usual in most cases, so please do not hesitate to reach out if you need assistance. Plus we’ll be using the quiet time to work on some updates and improvements to ParentPaperwork…

Have a safe and festive holidays, here’s to a fantastic 2016!

Fiona and David
Co-Founders, ParentPaperwork