Send ParentPaperwork Broadcasts to Students

Earlier in 2o17, we launched Student Slips, allowing schools to send ParentPaperwork’s online forms to Students – the perfect and logical complement to our original Parent Slips system.

Student Slips is ideal for senior schools and colleges for tasks like sports registrations, subject electives selection, school council elections, student surveys and prefect voting

With Student Slips, you have the choice of the form being completed by either the parent or the student. You can also ask that a ‘read only’ copy be sent to the other party – such as sending a form to parents with a cc to students, or sending a form to students with a cc to parents. Everybody gets kept in the information loop – no unnecessary surprises!

The feedback on Student Slips has been excellent, and we have now extended this functionality to the Broadcasts module.

Previously, you could only send a Broadcast to Parents of selected Student Lists or individually nominated Students. Now you can send a Broadcast direct to Students, with an option to CC to their Parents or vice versa – send to Parents with a CC to their associated Students.



Setting up a Broadcast to Students works the same as sending out a Slip. You choose to send the Broadcast to ‘Parents’ or ‘Students’ and, if you wish, you can CC in the other party.

It is important to note that Broadcasts to Students are only available if you have the email addresses for Students in ParentPaperwork – Broadcasts via SMS to Students are not available. However, we can import Student emails via your scheduled nightly import.

Additionally, please note that Broadcasts to Students are only available if your school has purchased the Student Slips module – please contact our sales team if you need more information.


ParentPaperwork launches game-changing new online forms feature for students

We have big news for ParentPaperwork schools to kick off 2017! We are pleased to announce the launch of our most important new feature in twelve months – sending online forms to Students.

Hundreds of schools in seven countries now use ParentPaperwork to send online forms to their parents and staff, and capture and report the responses – and they all see huge savings in time and money as a result.

We listen carefully to the feedback from our schools – and for some months they’ve been saying how much they love the current modules, but then list all the forms they need to send to students, like sports registrations, subject electives selection, school council elections, student surveys; and prefect voting.

The ParentPaperwork team mused on this feedback for a couple of months and figured out the best way to deliver student form functionality to our schools customers. Over the Australian summer our tech team has worked hard to create this new functionality and we’re very proud to reveal it to you.

A new Module within the ParentPaperwork Suite

Now when you set up a new form, you have the choice of it being completed by either the parent or the student. You can also ask that a read only copy be sent to the other – so send a form to parents with cc to students; or send a form to students with a cc to parents. Everybody gets kept in the information loop – no unnecessary surprises!

We’re very excited about this brilliant new functionality. The ParentPaperwork team is proud to offer it at no charge to all our current full suite subscription customers (those with both Parent Slips and School Forms modules). We will be charging for this feature for newbies in the year ahead, so this is our special gift to you for your input, ideas and savvy!

You can now select students to complete a form

Traditional paper-based processes are quite simply broken and no longer workable in today’s world, where accountability, risk management and statutory compliance are critical issues for school leaders globally. ParentPaperwork provides your school with a robust, secure system to replace all your paper forms.

With the launch of our new Slips to Students functionality we can confidently say ParentPaperwork is easily the most comprehensive, fully featured, administration data capture, management and reporting platform for K-12 schools, kinders and ELC’s in the world. And it’s all built and managed right here in Melbourne, Australia, with customers as far afield as the Czech Republic, Canada and Portugal.

This is just the start of what we’ve planned to be a huge year! The ParentPaperwork team has several major new features slated for 2017 and I can’t wait to tell you all about them over the coming months, especially the forthcoming Metrics and Data Analysis Module!

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Classroom

Before 2015 gets underway for teachers there’s nothing like spending some time on reflecting back on the events of 2014 and thinking of some new resolutions for the upcoming school year.

We’re sure you’ll come up with plenty of ideas –  from tweaking the lesson plan, to playing interior decorator and rearranging the tables in a more productive manner.

Here are some fun ideas and resolutions for your class room/school in 2015:

Setting the classroom up for success

It can be an exciting challenge to think through how to organize your students surroundings in order to inspire and excite them about learning. For many teachers 2015 will be an opportunity to start with a blank canvas and strategically arm their classroom walls with posters, decorations and information. We’ve all been in those classrooms where the plain unimaginative surroundings create a dull atmosphere for students. That’s a situation that is easily remedied.

Here are some ideas to help glam up your classroom and make it interesting to learn in:

Dress to impress

Use the holiday period to find yourself a couple of new clothing pieces for next term. Never underestimate how feeling good and wearing something that you love can lift your mood and give you more self-confidence when dealing with students. There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a couple of fun pieces to add to the collection for school dress up days or to just get the kids laughing on a long grey day.

ASOS is a great website for online shopping with free shipping around the world-

Look through a selection of fun and colourful puppets that you can purchase for 2015-

Get some fun costumes for dress up day –

Don’t let Admin get you down

One of the most strenuous and least productive to the teaching/learning process, aspects of teaching can be the mountain of administrative paperwork tasks that accompanies the job. Apart from the constant grading of papers and projects there are usually plenty of excursion and other forms you produce, distribute, collect and collate that can be an administrative nightmare.

Take a moment and have a look at ParentPaperwork and see how we can easily save you time and stress when the time comes to  take your students on the next excursion. No more waiting for parents to respond, worrying about forms not making it back or having to print off excessive copies that need to be marked off and taken with you.

Learn more about Parent Paperwork for your school and classroom and consider taking advantage of our free trial  for your next excursion here –

New tutorial videos showing you step by step how to perform many of the common tasks in ParentPaperwork

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.19.02 PM

Today’s we’ve launched our first tutorial videos, showing you step by step how to perform many of the common tasks in ParentPaperwork. We already have a pretty comprhensive Help and Support section, with many articles containing instructions and answers to frequently asked questions. But we know a picture tells a thousand words, and the new tutorial videos provide a straightforward and visual explanation for a range of topics:

  • Importing Student & Parents
  • Managing Student records
  • Add a new Slip
  • Student Attributes
  • Form Template Design
  • Managing Parent Contacts
  • Managing Workflows for Form Templates
  • Exporting data from a Slip
  • Managing Student Lists
  • Exporting data from Slips by date

The videos are available on the Help pages, accessible from the Help option on the top menu bar after you sign in.

Here’s an example of one of the tutorials, showing you how to Add a New Slip.