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In March 2017, we announced that ParentPaperwork had become fully integrated with the Digistorm schoolAPP for Schoolbox, which is yet another example of ParentPaperwork’s commitment to furthering our data interoperability.

Now that ParentPaperwork and Digistorm schools are well and truly taking advantage of the increased functionality this partnership gives them, we thought it was timely to introduce Digistorm on a more intimate level to you.

We asked Digistorm’s Chris Lang some questions, and here’s what he had to say…

ParentPaperwork: Can you please tell us a bit about Digistorm and how it came about?

Chris Lang: “Sure, Digistorm was founded in 2011 and really came about when Tim Oswald, our MD, built and launched the first School App in Australia for King’s Christian College on the Gold Coast. After receiving a number of enquiries from other schools he decided to focus on building a mobile app system dedicated to education.”

“I came onboard following this and, since then, we’ve grown to 15-plus staff and now work with over 250 schools throughout Australia, NZ, Asia and the United States. We’ve also diversified our product offering to include websites, online enrolment portals and, more recently, a CRM designed specifically for K-12 schools.”

How do you recall the Digistorm and ParentPaperwork relationship beginning? Who courted who and when did romance blossom?

“It was quite organic really! As with most of our integration partners, it was driven by mutual clients who saw the tremendous value that this could bring to their school. David Eedle (CTO at Parent Paperwork) and I worked with our respective development teams to develop a proof of concept and roll it to a number of schools for their feedback.”

What does ParentPaperwork add to Digistorm that particularly appeals to you?

“The ability for our school communities to receive targeted instant notifications when their children have a permission note or slip outstanding is so convenient. Being able to then quickly approve or decline it in just a few taps, while still ensuring full compliance, seems so powerful to me. Best of all, there is no extra work required to push it to our eduAPP system.”

“I’ve had so many schools ask me for this exact workflow over the years so to be able to offer it with a best-of-breed solution like Parent Paperwork is exciting.”

How has the interoperability between Digistorm and ParentPaperwork played out so far? Have there been any pleasant surprises? Customer comments?

“Due to the way that it was developed by both parties, it really is a plug & play solution for our schools so the implementation is quite seamless. The feedback has been nothing short of amazing and, recently, a leading independent girls school in South Australia commented to me that it was one of the best things that they had done.”

Where are you hoping the ParentPaperwork and Digistorm relationship will lead?

“We’d love to open this up to many more of our partner schools over the next 12 months and also to continue to develop the two platforms to be even more integrated. I hope that valuable feedback from our schools will drive the functionality in both systems.”

“We’ve got some exciting marketing initiatives in the works as well, and can see both companies going from strength to strength over the coming years.”

Your office looks like a cool place to be… What are the defining qualities of a ‘Digistormer’?

“Must own striped shirt, or be willing to improvise. Must like fancy cheese and not-so-fancy beer. Must be able to source and share a meme relevant to every situation in a matter of minutes…”

“…I’m only kidding! The great thing about this office is that everyone can be exactly who they want to be. We believe in a zero-politics environment with lots of laughs and even more hard work. If you have a skill, we’ll foster it – that’s why we have such a passionate, hard-working team. That’s the essence of a Digistormer.”

Do you have any closing comments?

“A shameless plug I know but I would encourage anyone who is interested in seeing the integration in action to contact Digistorm on 07 5508 2929 as we’d love to show it off.”

Oakleigh Grammar: a case study

Oakleigh Grammar in Melbourne, Australia, was one of the first schools in the world to adopt ParentPaperwork’s online platform at the initial startup phase. Their faith in ParentPaperwork – and the subsequent benefits they’ve experienced by taking on the ParentPaperwork system – have got them singing our praises.

We spoke to Soula Mitsopoulos, Head of Senior School’s PA/VASS Administrator at Oakleigh Grammar, to discover exactly why they’re our number one fans.

Which aspect of ParentPaperwork prompted you to give the system a try?
It was the opportunity for immediate responses, and the ability to export all the required details into a convenient spreadsheet.

What are some of the best things that have happened since implementing ParentPaperwork at your school?
The increase in efficiency in collecting responses and information has been really notable. Also, that we are able to work with the ParentPaperwork team to improve our requirements, as well as get ideas to streamline the processes, means a lot to us.

What was the process of introducing ParentPaperwork into your current school management systems like?
We’re not a huge school (just over 600 students from ELC to Year 12) so the slips are prepared, sent out and the responses monitored by our admin staff. This meant that the internal introduction process was straight-forward. We wrote out to school families explaining how the new process would work prior to implementation.

We haven’t really had any problems using Parent Paperwork to speak of, to be honest. The transition was quite smooth.

How have parents and staff reacted to ParentPaperwork?
The teachers really appreciate not having to collect and chase up returned paper slips. And parents appreciate being able to respond online as soon as they get the notices/slips. Not having to rely on their children – particularly in the case of the younger ones – to remember to hand in a paper slip is a big thing.

What are the key benefits you have experienced? Have there been any unexpected benefits that you didn’t anticipate?
Definitely the reduction in staff time photocopying and in paper use, as well as the timeliness of receiving responses. The ability for our admin staff to answer parent questions regarding their responses without having to chase whomever was receiving paper replies is huge – also the ability to see at a glance who has responded, who has opened their email but not responded and who hasn’t even opened their email to know exactly who needs to be followed up.

What sort of savings are you seeing as a result of using ParentPaperwork? 
We’ve experienced savings in paper use, staff time in photocopying, teaching staff’s time collating returned slips and chasing up those not returned… They’re the main savings we’ve noted.

How important are environmental considerations to your school? How have you seen ParentPaperwork contributing to your school’s environmental goals?
Environmental considerations are very important to our school. ParentPaperwork is helping us to reduce our environmental footprint in the reduction of waste.

What would you say to other schools considering implementing ParentPaperwork into their school? Any handy tips?
I would say they definitely should do it! Parent Paperwork is easy to use, both in setting up and sending the slips then collecting, collating and reporting the information…

We’ve been using ParentPaperwork for over 12 months, and the excellent support and prompt service we get from the team at ParentPaperwork has made the whole process easy. We know we can rely on the system.

Feel free to visit Oakleigh Grammar online at

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