ParentPaperwork email notifications can now be customised with your colours

Email is a key function in ParentPaperwork, and the primary way we communicate with parents to advise them of new online forms they need to complete, indeed our email notifications are critical if your school does not have our SMS text notifications enabled.

We know it is important to many schools that communications to parents reflect the branding and corporate style of the school. You can upload your logo which is shown on all web pages and emails seen by the parents.

You can now also set the colours in the email notifications sent to parents for:

  • Advising of a new Parent Slip
  • Thanking them for submitting a Parent Slip
  • Reminding them they have an outstanding Parent Slip

Click on your user name at the top right, click Settings from the menu, the from the Settings page select Customise Email Templates.

By default, if you do not select any colours, the top and bottom banners in the email will be in the ParentPaperwork corporate purple shades.

Select email colours

You can set the colours for the banners. Click on the corresponding field and select a colour from the picker. Or, if you know the hex code for the desired colour, simply enter this in the field.

As you change the colours the live preview will update to illustrate how your emails will look.

If you decide you don’t want the custom colours click the Reset button to return to the standard purple shades.

You can choose colours for your ParentPaperwork email notifications

New Feature: SMS Text Message Notifications for Parents Online Forms

We are pleased to announce the availability of SMS text notifications to parents for our online forms platform, following requests from a number of schools.

Up until now ParentPaperwork has sent emails to Parents letting them know there is a new online form waiting for them to complete and submit. Email continues to be a great way to communicate with parents, and the analysis of our data we’ve done shows this – 55% of parents respond to their online forms within 24 hours. The speed parents are responding is clear indication that they are receiving email notifications and taking action quickly.

This fantastically prompt response rate is understandable given the rise of smartphone usage over the past few years, everyone you pass on the street seems to be head down and glued to their phone reading their emails, Facebook and other communication channels.

However, we acknowledge that not every parent is fixated on their email, perhaps they do not have a smart phone, or they don’t work in a role where they are constantly in front of a computer. Instead maybe email messages are something they check every day or two.

This is why a key request from schools has been the option to also notify parents via SMS text message. SMS is a very immediate way to communicate with someone, irrespective of whether the recipient has a smart phone or perhaps an older generation model.

Enabling SMS Notifications for your School

If you wish to make use of SMS notifications you need to ask us to turn this feature on for you. Please email [email protected] and we’ll flick the switch.

You can check whether SMS notifications are enabled by clicking on your User Name at the top right (after logging into ParentPaperwork). Then click Settings, and Configuration.

Importing Parent Contacts

When importing Parent Contacts you now have the option to enable email and/or SMS notifications. Remember that if you wish to use SMS notifications the Parent Contacts will need a mobile phone number. Selecting an option will ‘turn on’ the notifications for all the Parents you are importing – email or SMS.


Managing Parent Contacts

You will find Email and SMS options now within the Parent Contact records. You must have one or both of the options selected. By default Email will be selected, if SMS is not selected.


SMS Messages sent to Parents

If Parents have SMS notifications enabled, they will receive a text message notifying them of a new online form, in the same way they receive email notifications. The message includes the name of the Student, name of the School and a link to the form. This link will take them to the same online form page as if they had clicked the link in an email notification.


Parents updating communication preferences

When parents complete their online forms they now have the ability to update their communication preferences. They can select either Email or SMS or both. Depending on which options they select, the corresponding email and mobile phone fields will need values entered. For example, if they check the ‘Send SMS Notifications’ box, they will not be able to submit the form without entering a mobile phone number.



SMS Notification costs to Schools

We’ve carefully thought through the costs of providing the SMS notification service to schools, and spoken to a number of our existing customers to gauge the pricing model that will be most acceptable. We are offering two price schemes:

  • SMS costs invoiced monthly: .10c per SMS, incl GST
  • SMS costs pre-paid: .08c per SMS, incl GST

The choice becomes whether to simply pay-as-you-go, we will bill you at the beginning of each month .10c for each text you send in the preceeding month.

Or you can come up with an estimation of texts you will send over a period – say a term, a quarter or a year, and we’ll bill you .08c each.

We believe our pricing is competitive, the higher cost for the monthly bills reflects the internal costs we incur to report, generate and send invoices, record payments, chase payments and so forth.

These prices are in Australian dollars, please ask for pricing for other countries.

If you would like more information, or enable SMS notifications for your school, please email [email protected].