Your ultimate library of school form templates


There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank piece of paper waiting for inspiration to strike. The same could be said when you are confronted with creating a new form.

Life is so much easier when you can lean on your professional network and learn from their past experiences – and ParentPaperwork now gives you access to the collected wisdom of school administrators around the world via our new Form Template Library.

The Form Template Library is a collection of dozens of Form Templates you can add to your school’s ParentPaperwork account. We’ve curated a group of many different Templates from our schools around the world and made them available to everyone to use.

To access the Form Template Library, click the Form Templates link on the left menu, and click the Add New button at the top of the Form Templates List page.

The New Template page has two tabs, the first is to create a new Template from scratch, the second tab is the Form Template Library.

You will see a list of all the Templates in the Library, and can filter and search by keywords and Categories.

Click the Preview button to see what the Template will look like. To install the Template into your School account, click the blue Select button.

Once you’ve installed the Template you will be able to edit and manage it just like any other of your Form Templates.

Photo: Creative Commons/OpenScheduler