Send ParentPaperwork Broadcasts to Students

Earlier in 2o17, we launched Student Slips, allowing schools to send ParentPaperwork’s online forms to Students – the perfect and logical complement to our original Parent Slips system.

Student Slips is ideal for senior schools and colleges for tasks like sports registrations, subject electives selection, school council elections, student surveys and prefect voting

With Student Slips, you have the choice of the form being completed by either the parent or the student. You can also ask that a ‘read only’ copy be sent to the other party – such as sending a form to parents with a cc to students, or sending a form to students with a cc to parents. Everybody gets kept in the information loop – no unnecessary surprises!

The feedback on Student Slips has been excellent, and we have now extended this functionality to the Broadcasts module.

Previously, you could only send a Broadcast to Parents of selected Student Lists or individually nominated Students. Now you can send a Broadcast direct to Students, with an option to CC to their Parents or vice versa – send to Parents with a CC to their associated Students.



Setting up a Broadcast to Students works the same as sending out a Slip. You choose to send the Broadcast to ‘Parents’ or ‘Students’ and, if you wish, you can CC in the other party.

It is important to note that Broadcasts to Students are only available if you have the email addresses for Students in ParentPaperwork – Broadcasts via SMS to Students are not available. However, we can import Student emails via your scheduled nightly import.

Additionally, please note that Broadcasts to Students are only available if your school has purchased the Student Slips module – please contact our sales team if you need more information.


New permission feature is the perfect solution for Class Parent Representatives, and private music and drama teachers

In many schools parents play a key role promoting community amongst parents and students by acting as class representatives. Class Reps organise social gatherings, working bees and other opportunities for parents to come together and enjoy each other’s company, swap stories, share advice and discuss their childrens’ schooling.

Some Class Reps also organise and roster parent helpers in the classroom itself, to provide support to the teachers.

We have released a new user permission feature that is the perfect solution for Class Parent Representatives, or any other person who needs to communicate with the parents from one or more nominated lists of students, but who should not have access to other information from the school, or even those lists if it is not information they created.

Private music and drama teachers are a great example, they need to be able to communicate with the parents of the students they teach, but as they are not school staff, they should not be able to interact with information unrelated to their work.

Schools can configure ParentPaperwork to enable Class Reps to have access limited to just the classes in which they are involved, by restricting users to only be able to see and interact with information specific to one or more Student Lists.

To allocate a User to a Student List click your User Name at the top right, select Configuration, and then Users.

In the field ‘Only these Student Lists’ start typing the name of the Student List you wish to allocate. A drop down list of choices will be displayed, click the one you require.


Allocating a user to a Student List means that person can only see Slip, Broadcast, Student and Parent Contact information connected to that List, they cannot view information associated with any other Lists.

If a User is allocated to one or more Student Lists, you’ll find the ‘Only the User’s Slips’ option is selected by default and cannot be changed. This means they can only see Slips and Broadcasts they create or are on the workflow for. So even if the school has sent out Slips to parents for the Student List, the user will not have access to those Slips or the information submitted back by parents.

If you would like more information about how ParentPaperwork can help Class Reps and other similar users please email