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The more we work with schools around the world, the more we hear a common thread. Schools need an easy, reliable way for parents to update student records with critical content like medical or personal information.

For sometime ParentPaperwork has had Student Attributes – user-defined fields that can be configured to maintain information about a student.

Now, these can also be used on a Form sent home to parents, creating a powerful tool that allows schools to continuously update the information held on file about a student ( in turn lowering risk and saving time).

The important stuff just got easier

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The obvious use for this feature is the annual student record update process, which we know many schools undertake.

Usually a complete student record is printed out, often half a dozen pages or more, and sent home to parents via school bag or sent through the mail.

Parents are asked to manually mark any changes, and then staff (often casuals hired for the purpose) work through the returned printouts and transcribe updates into the student management system.

It’s an incredibly labour intensive and expensive process, not to mention very prone to human error.

Now with ParentPaperwork, a school can import any number of data elements to the Student records, put them on a Template, then send the Slip to parents. The parents then update the information, and the school can export either all the data, or only the components that have changed.

It’s an elegant, simple and robust way of updating student record information.

Here’s how it works

Importing Student Attributes

There is an Import option for Student Attributes (Click Profile Name > Import Data). Upload is via CSV, the file must contain the Student Id and any number of columns.

After upload the columns can be mapped to Attributes.

Add Student Attribute fields to Form Templates

This feature allows a User to add Student Attributes to Form Templates, to let a Parent update one or more Attributes when they submit a Parent Slip. When in Form Template Design, the User sees a list of their Student Attribute fields along with the standard Form fields. They can drag/drop the fields as usual, the edit options are limited to just the label for the field. All Student Attribute fields are ‘Required’.

Student Attribute fields are shaded pale yellow on the list of available fields for the Parent section of the Template.

Parents see the Attribute fields on their Slips like the normal fields. The fields are pre-filled with the existing Attribute values. Changes to Attribute values as part of a Slip submission are logged.

Parent submit Slip with Student Attributes

Parents see the Attribute fields on their Slips like the normal fields. The fields are pre-filled with the existing Attribute values. Changes to Attribute values as part of an Slip submission are logged.

Export Student Attribute Changes

As previously, the normal ‘Export List’ option on the View Slip page will contain any Student Attributes designated to be included in Exports. Note this will NOT include Attributes that are on the Template but not marked for inclusion in the export.

There are two new options on the ‘Preview/Print’ menu:

  • Export Only Student Attributes on Slip – exports all Student Attributes and values used on the Form Template irrespective of whether designated for export.
  • Export Only Student Attributes Updated on Slip – as above but only delta values are exported, if a value did not change when the Parent submitted the Form, the value does not export.

We’re excited about this new update and look forward to our growing customer community enjoying its benefits.

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