ParentPaperwork uses GroupCall’s Xporter system to automate the update of data from your SIMS or CMIS school management database


We’ve recently brought on board our first schools using GroupCall‘s XPorter system to automate the update of data from their SIMS and CMIS school management systems to our platform.

Groupcall Xporter provides an automated solution to securely collect and deliver data to a chosen location or system. The system allows Local Authorities, Academy Groups and 3rd party organisations to define what data is collected and how frequently. Xporter runs in each school to extract the required information from the MIS system and transfer it securely and in a uniform format to the desired location regardless of the source MIS type.

The solution is currently installed in over 17,000 UK schools and is used by over 65 Education Authorities and academy groups, as well as being the data provisioning agent for over 60 3rd party commercial customers – including ParentPaperwork. Once installed, the Xporter client requires no further maintenance as its built-in update facility ensures it is never more than 3-4 hours out of sync with the very latest version of your data extraction specification.

Xporter integration is a fantastic feature of ParentPaperwork. It means that any of the 17,000 schools around the UK and the world using Xporter don’t need to worry about manually handling parent and student contact information -each night Xporter sends us your current parent and student contacts, so any changes you’ve made in SIMS or CMIS are automatically transferred to ParentPaperwork.

Is your school using SIMS or CMIS? Please contact us for more information about how ParentPaperwork + Xporter = easy to use online forms!

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