30% of parents complete and submit their ParentPaperwork forms within 4 hours


We’ve been delving into the ParentPaperwork database, looking at how quickly parents complete and submit the online forms sent to them by school – and some of the numbers are taking our breath away.

The chart at the top represents data from the 5,000 forms most recently completed by parents. What it shows is that 10% are completed within the first hour of the email notifications being sent, with 30% submitted inside the first 4 hours.

This might also explain the statistics we see about the devices parents are using to submit their forms. In general we see the following breakdown:

  • 60% – Desktop web browser
  • 30% – Mobile phone
  • 10% – Tablet

So around 40% of parents are using some kind of mobile, or non-desktop/laptop device to submit their online forms. Which suggests to us parents are often submitting their forms whilst out and about, sitting in meetings, on the train and so forth.

Contrast all this with paper forms. At best a teacher handing out paper forms to students in class can expect them back no sooner than the next day, and often it’s considerably longer than that.

ParentPaperwork’s online forms mean more than 55% of forms returned within 24 hours – without the teacher or school administrator having to lift a finger.


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