Great new default values features for ParentPaperwork forms

2_4_work_lessWe have a general theory around the ParentPaperwork office that our users, whether schools or parents, should have to do the minimum amount of work when using the ParentPaperwork system. Less work definitely equals more fun!

Today we’re pleased to announce a terrific new set of features to help progress towards that goal.

The Form Builder is at the heart of ParentPaperwork, enabling schools to create an unlimited number of fully customised form templates, this gives ParentPaperwork unparalleled capability to deliver to schools exactly the form they need.

Long Description fields

Text Box fields can now have a default value set. This value will be pre-filled into the field for the user when they first open their Slip form.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.28.06 AM

Text Box Fields

Text Box fields can now have a default value set. This value will be pre-filled into the field for the user when they first open their Slip form.

Alternatively you can check the Read Only box. This means the actual field will not be displayed, and instead the Field Name text will display read only. It’s a great way to display a piece of text amongst the fields on your form.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.25.02 AM

Option Lists and Checkboxes

Similarly you can now set the default value(s) for Option Lists and Checkboxes. For Option Lists you can select one default, and the drop down list displayed to the user will be pre-filled with that value. For Checkbox fields you can select one or more options by default, and these will be already checked when the user opens their Slip form.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.29.58 AM

Multiple Google maps for ParentPaperwork online excursion and field trip forms


ParentPaperwork’s online forms can now include multiple Google Maps, instead of the previous single map. We’ve made this change after learning that at least one state education department requires permission forms to have a map for each and every location students will visit during an excursion, and the parents are required to give consent for each specific location instead of a single overall sign off.

So for something like a school camp, where the students might move from one place to another during their time away, each needs to be documented, and mapped, so parents are completely clear where exactly their children will be.

There are now six address fields available when you are designing your form.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 8.23.31 AM


When you create a new Slip based on your template the system will try and map each of the addresses, and display a Google Map if an address match is found.


Book your ParentPaperwork demo at SchoolsTechOz (free Expo)

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ParentPaperwork will be exhibiting at the SchoolsTechOz Conference at Firbank Grammar in Melbourne 12-14 September.  The conference is for all staff in the K–12 school education sector, and 750 delegates are expected. There are 240 breakout sessions, and a bunch of high profile speakers. It’s going to be an exciting few days.

Please come and meet the ParentPaperwork team on our stand, we can show you how ParentPaperwork can save your school time and money by replacing your paper-based forms.

The Expo is free, you do NOT need to have a paid registration for the conference. Head to this link and book your free ticket.

If you are attending the conference, or just coming in for the Expo, we’d be happy to book a specific time to demonstrate ParentPaperwork. Please email [email protected] and we’ll schedule an appointment.